Hightech Label Engineering

HTLE is an unique label research centre combining R&D with testing in real production circumstances. So, we deliver working solutions. Our core activities are:
  1. the development and engineering of decorative and functional (IML) labels and decals;
  2. the production of prototypes and small series of labels with printed electronics;
  3. research on foils, inks, adhesives, plastics and coatings and other label issues by analysing and testing adhesion, bonding, outdoor stability (among which UV-A and UV-B testing), dimension stability, heat resistance, etc.

Our customers are innovative injection moulders, biomedical companies, (powder)coaters, printing companies and brand owners of consumer and sporting goods.


Most of their requests demand for label solutions with an excellent bonding, adhesion and stability of coatings, plastics, foils and (functional) inks. That is the core of our expertise.


HighTech Label Engineering is a printed electronics pioneer and partner of several knowledge institutes and universities.